What should I include in my explainer video? My product features or customer use cases?

The short answer – customer use cases.

Here’s the deal. If you are making an explainer video, it’s probably to attract customers and investors. In most cases, customers are looking to satisfy their specific needs and probably bumped into your site while searching on google. If the customer does not find that your product satisfies his or her needs, in all probability you are going to lose him or her.

Many startup founders and even people from established enterprises come to us with the preconceived notion that an explainer video needs to present all the cool features of their product that they so painstakingly have worked to create. But, in reality, their customers are only interested in how it would solve their problems or make their life better.

When the solution is hidden in a lengthy explanation of all the features, customers disengage.

If you are a glass bottle manufacturer, you don’t need to explain what type of glass is used to make the bottle, however cool that might have been. Instead, explaining how the bottle makes the water drinking experience better for the end user would be much more likely to help win customers. Of course, if your customers are drink distributors, focusing on how your bottle packaging improves the delivery experience or solves a distribution problem would be more important to communicate in the video.

In summary, an explainer video is more about what a customer is looking for than about your product features. This simple fact will guide you to make a great explainer video.

Please comment below on how you’ve been able to feed (or not) your hungry hamster – i.e. get an effective explainer video out the door.

– Prady Gupta

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