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The best type of support is the one that doesn’t require human intervention.

Why? Because it’s expensive to have people responding to tweets, posts, emails or worst case – phone calls!

  • Fix the problems before they start with vidFAQ™ Videos.
  • Answer your customers’ burning questions before they get frustrated.
  • Do it the RIGHT way – with videos!

BestDay vidFAQ™ video

Explains how secure transactions are on the website


Knowlarity vidFAQ™ video

Explains how to block unwanted calls on Super Receptionist

Customer Testimonials

It’s so convenient that Hungry Hamster is in Silicon Valley. During the video creation process, I needed some help with voice-over and animation style selection, and the Hungry Hamster team was right there when I needed them.


Hungry Hamster placed a lot of emphasis on the script and refining my ideas. I realized the shortcomings of my original storyline, and the end result is nothing short of spectacular.


Investors are human, too. They don’t bet on things they don’t understand. The Hungry Hamster team helped me refine my ideas to make a video that was short and sweet.


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