Investor Pitch Videos: How can you improve your pitch to set yourself apart?

It is generally true that there is no substitute for an in-Person pitch. However, for Silicon Valley technology founders who are also, in overwhelming numbers, immigrants or extremely technical, often the pitch is lost in translation, literally.

A short pitch video comes in handy in such situations.

Many founders might object – saying that showing a video would be a too far fetched an idea, because typically they get only 1 – 2 mins in front of the investors, if they’re lucky. And we completely agree with the startup founders. We are not suggesting that you show the video if you are meeting the investor for the first time. Pitch video, however, still fill a crucial gap in at least two ways:

1. The pitch video creation process helps perfect the pitch

The pitch creation process is your soundboard. While most of the founders would practice the pitch with friends and family, very few get to practice with someone nontechnical and part of their user base.

The video creation process is a very involved process. At the script stage, the founders interact with professional scriptwriters to brainstorm ideas. Think of the scriptwriter as nontechnical, but very creative people. Professional scriptwriters are trained in creative writing and can help choose words that express ideas in clear, concise and interesting ways.

2. The pitch visualization process helps form an image of the product in mind

“Pictures are worth a thousand words.”

Visualization helps you to paint a picture of your product or service for potential investors. In the video creation process, we brainstorm the best way to represent your concepts visually and it almost always helps founders to learn about a picture that represent their product most accurately. At the end, having a picture in mind helps express ideas fluently.

Ultimately, if you get a chance to show a pitch video to investors, that could be more succinct than explaining your ideas yourself. An investor would also be impressed that you made the effort to prepare a video – and are ready to go to market.

– Prady Gupta

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