How to improve customer service FAQ with visuals: The science and art of customer communication

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” And “Showing” the customer on his/her screen is better than “Telling” the customer on the phone [MailChimp Article]. Customers prefer FAQs that have clear, visual and interesting content. Otherwise, they are left with no other option than to go through the hassle of calling customer service, incurring unnecessary support costs to companies.

There are primarily 5 types of media used for customer communication.

1. Text
2. Images
3. Silent motion images or gifs
4. Audio – in phone communication
5. Videos

There is a common misperception that videos are better for communication since they carry more information – body language, emotions in voice, and meaning in words. While it is generally true in a scientific sense, it’s also true that we humans have a very narrow bandwidth at any given moment to absorb content. And therefore, we get overwhelmed easily when too much information is made available. Therefore, it is generally accepted that effective communication is all about keeping it to bare minimum. For instance, depending on the context, it might be more appropriate to use just text.

The experts at Hungry Hamster understand the limitations and benefits of various mediums. We have analyzed thousands of customer communication modes and have designed solutions that have reduced customer service calls by 30 – 50%.

We analyze every FAQ and only choose the most appropriate medium to communicate the content to your customers. Here are a few examples of Hungry Hamster solutions to communicate with your customers more effectively through a more visual FAQ.

1. Show procedures on your website with gifs designed for customer communication

To make the procedures easy to follow, we have designed gifs specifically for customer communication.

Generally, companies have written procedures in their FAQs such as the one in the example below:

Below is an example of a play and pause business gif for one of Hungry Hamster’s clients.

FAQ Question: How to add an agent in SR?

2. Reply to customer emails with small file size embeddable gifs

We have designed customer communication gifs that can be viewed directly in an email. Below is a video example of how to embed them in email:

3. Sometimes videos are the only choice to explain answers fully

Gifs are generally effective when steps are well-defined (such as clicking on a tab) and there aren’t too many steps to follow. Videos work better when the steps of the procedure are subjective (such as “turn the knob only a bit”) and thus need to be seen, and the actions need to be accompanied by some explanation. Also, videos work better when there are many features or long, convoluted steps to follow.

4. Visual content is to enhance text and images, not to replace them

In many FAQ questions, vocalization and on-screen actions are not needed but rather add confusion. That’s because the steps are rather straightforward and are the only option on the website. For such questions, it is best to use either text or a combination of text and images.

– Prady Gupta

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