Communication disconnect of technology founders

It is no secret that Silicon Valley imports its brains. And an overwhelming percentage of startups are technical startups. According to a Bloomberg article, 51% of the valley’s population speaks a language other than English exclusively at home, compared with 21% in the US. In light of such statistics, it is no doubt that the majority of startup founders find it so hard to communicate their ideas to investors, potential employees and customers.

All too often we run into scenarios in which a founder is giving a handshake pitch to a potential investor at a conference with the investor nodding without understanding a single word from the startup founder. These are wasted opportunities. The same goes for attracting customers and employees. Technical founders, especially recent grads, incorrectly assume that their potential customer or employee has deep technical expertise. On the other hand, potential customers and employees would not reveal their lack of understanding of technical terms for the fear of being perceived as unknowledgeable or naive.

This disconnect between founders and their stakeholders creates a barrier that prevents startups from acquiring customers, from scaling up quickly and from going on to change the world for better.

Hungry Hamster was founded with the vision to narrow this communication gap. It is a big task and the most important one.

Please comment below on any challenges you’ve faced along the way!

– Prady Gupta

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